Get involved in your community:
A gesture to everybody’s safety!

Each year, around 55 000 volunteers across the country give their precious time to provide a safe ride home to the members of their community.

Becoming a volunteer for Operation Red Nose is leaving with the feeling of having participated in a noble cause that contributes to the improvement of the road safety. Thanks to these few hours of volunteer service, more than 2 million drivers have been able to return home safe since the first designated driver service in 1984.

Become a volunteer for Vaudreuil-Dorion’ Operation Red Nose!

Escort driver

Volunteer who uses his personal vehicle to drive the volunteer driver and the navigator to the location where the client is waiting.
Criteria: 18 years or older, and have a driver’s license and a vehicle mandatory.


Volunteer who rides along with the volunteer driver and the client in the client’s vehicle.

Criteria: 18 years or older

Volunteer driver

Volunteer who drives the client’s vehicle.

Criteria: 21 years or older and driver’s license mandatory

Headquarters volunteers

Volunteers who occupy various positions inside the Headquarters, be it as phone operators, dispatchers, mascot safety team, to greet or train other volunteers, etc…

Criteria: 16 years or older and bilingual a plus and;

18 years or older for the mascot safety team

Frequently Asked Questions

I was a volunteer last year. Must I fill out a volunteer application form again this year?

Yes, you must fill out a new volunteer application form even if you volunteered last year.

I am alone and would like to volunteer for Operation Red Nose. Can I still volunteer if I’m alone?

Of course! Fill out a volunteer application form and when you show up for duty at headquarters, we will match you up with other volunteers to form a team.

I don’t have a vehicle or a driver’s license. Can I still volunteer?

Yes, you can volunteer as a navigator, i.e. the person who accompanies the volunteer driver and the client inside the client’s vehicle. You must however meet the volunteer age criteria as indicated on the volunteer application form.

I would really like to volunteer but I’m afraid I won’t be able to last for the entire night. Do I need to be there for a minimum number of hours?

No. You don’t have to be on the road until the late hours of the night in order to volunteer for ORN. You can end your volunteer shift at any time if you feel too tired to continue.

I had lunch with friends today, and while sipping on wine, we decided to volunteer for ORN tonight. Can I volunteer even if I’ve had a small quantity of alcohol during the course of the day, many hours prior to reporting for duty?

No. You may not have any alcohol on the day that you will volunteer for Operation Red Nose. That has been the rule of thumb since Operation Red Nose began in 1984.

During this campaign I previously participated, as a volunteer in a Operation Red Nose evening, do I need to fill out a new participation form for another evening?

No, it’s not necessary to fill out another form, but you have to advise the receptionist of your availability for other evenings.